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Welcome to the Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction Associations Website.

The MVCI has dedicated this website to law enforcement personnel in order to provide officers with updated information that pertains to Criminal Interdiction efforts.

We enhance the exchange of current events through public news articles, member submitted articles, and various information sources. MVCI members have access to message boards and current trends information that will assist in their interdiction efforts.

If you have a story, article, advice, or other information that you would like to share with the MVCI and other law enforcement officers in reference to Criminal Interdiction, please click on the "Submit an article" at the bottom of the page.

Statements and opinions expressed in articles submitted to the MVCI are solely those of the author or authors and may not necessarily reflect the same opinions of the MVCI and its board members and/or associates.

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(Source - Charlton Martin - January 1st, 2015)
The DIAP/EPIC Law Enforcement Networking and Information Sharing Conference (aka DIAP Conference) has historically placed a strong emphasis on commercial motor vehicle criminal interdiction and will continue to do so. However, MVCI looks to vigorously expand the law enforcement communications umbrella to encompass all threats and all crimes and stories of success within our community that may or may not even involve criminal activities. Many law enforcement officers are involved with efforts outside of law enforcement that benefits any portion of the public at large. MVCI seeks to be an outlet for all achievements and praises within the family of law enforcement and those that support us and mutual interests.
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