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Letter to the Interdiction Community from the MVCI Association:

The MVCI Board of Directors would like to introduce ourselves to the new interdictors, as well as reintroducing ourselves to the longtime interdictors of the professional interdiction community. The history, recent restructuring of the Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction Association (hereon referred to in this letter as the Association) and its purpose, goals and activities will be introduced and explained.

Before the formation of the MVCI Association:

25 years ago, the Criminal Interdiction Networking event (currently and nationally known as the DIAP/EPIC Conference) was formed for the main purpose of providing low cost, high quality, professional criminal interdiction training to officers throughout the United States and Canada by using the most talented interdiction officers from around the country and their resources.

Since its inception, the host agencies have always been committed to operating this conference in an ethical, professional and responsible manner. Our commitment to you remains the same today as it has always been. DIAP and EPIC have never been in charge or control of the conference, but instead played the much needed role of assisting the hosting agencies in organizing the conference as well as providing continuity from year to year. In addition to physically assisting the hosting agency, DIAP and EPIC funded registration, travel, room, and meal expenses for 100 to 200 individual officers who otherwise could not have attended the conference. These individuals consisted of instructors, their supervisors, award recipients and friends of interdiction.

In past conferences, the hosting agency has always used an association of some type to collect the registrations fees and to conduct business affairs related to operating the conference. Historically, the hosting agency has used the State's Troopers Association, FOP Lodge, or Benevolent Association. Registration fees for the conference were collected by this entity and were used to pay the cost of operating the conference in addition to meeting contractual obligations that were part of conducting a conference of this magnitude.

Throughout the history of the conference, the operations were conducted in a methodical and effective manner without any major complications. However, there were some issues that had a negative effect on the "Hand-off" of the conference each year that needed to be changed.

· Due to the hosting agency and location of the conference changing annually, a new partner Association would have to be found each year in order to manage the conference business activities and to handle the funds. New bank accounts, tax ID numbers, business licenses and the conference website had to be created each year.

· All unspent monies (Legacy Fund) from the previous year were always transferred to a new account of the partner association used by the hosting agency. Depending on the hosting state and their chosen association's status, the sales tax and other taxes would in some instances be required from the vendor before the Legacy Fund could be transferred to the next hosting agency.

· The monies in the Legacy Fund were critical to the operation of the following conference due to it being needed to provide the new host the financial means to create new bank accounts, new tax ID's, new business licenses and a new website.

· All monies in the Legacy Fund were accounted for and used for the upcoming conference. Money generated from the conference could not be used, and have never been used, for the purpose of paying fees or wages as compensation to an agency or individual who assisted in supporting and/or hosting the conference. In addition to the spirit of fun, competition, and bragging rights, it was a matter of honor and pride for every hosting agency to pass forward a Legacy Fund that was GREATER than the amount they received from the prior conference. The amenities and extras that all attendees came to expect from the DIAP/EPIC Conference were made possible due to this "pay-it-forward" principle.

The formation of the MVCI Association:

In order to provide for a smooth transition of Legacy Funds, as well as providing a core group of officers to commit to supporting and assisting the officers of the upcoming hosting agency the MVCI Association was formed. Tax free status was applied for and granted by the Internal Revenue Service in 2011.

Over the last few years, the Association consisted of a group of officers from past and future conference hosts. After the 2013 conference in San Antonio Texas, the Association expanded its board to include board members not only from past and future hosting agencies, but to other officers who have dedicated their careers to interdiction efforts. The board consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and several general board members.

All board members are dedicated to keeping this national conference alive in order to implement ongoing training and honor officers who work in our chosen profession. The professionals that are involved in making this conference a success donate hundreds of hours toward building and operating this conference each year. In doing so, none of these officers desires or expects to be personally compensated for their efforts and dedication. Our sole objective and commitment to you is the same as it was nearly 24 years ago when this tradition began;

· To ensure YOU have the best possible training conference possible.

· To ensure all contractual obligations are met.

· To ensure a Legacy Fund is passed forward so the DIAP/EPIC Conference can continue to be the National Training and Networking Conference it has always been.

In summary, the formation of the MVCI Association was precipitated in order to simplify hosting responsibilities as detailed above. If anyone has any questions as to how the Association is operated, please feel free to contact any board member.

All future conferences that are held by the MVCI will be known as the Annual MVCI Association National Conference. Remember we are "FAMILY"­··· and we exist to honor you and to help you be a better interdiction officer.

Board of Directors MVCI Association

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